5: Oops

5: Oops

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!


Never say, “oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting.”

~Author Unknown

My husband, Darryl, and I have four kids, spread out over a fourteen-year period. For several years we had a preschooler, elementary schooler, middle schooler and high schooler all at the same time. With four kids at completely different stages and on entirely different schedules, finding quality “private” time for just the two of us was a challenge.

Since we rarely had the house to ourselves, we made it a point to schedule time away from work during the few brief hours one day each week when our youngest was at Mother’s-Day-Out at the same time the older kids were at their various schools — time we could meet at home for some unhurried, uninterrupted romance.

When Darryl got back to the office after one such encounter, he sent me a sweet and sexy e-mail referring to the pleasures of our intimate time together. When I hadn’t responded after a couple of days he mentioned it. I’d never received his e-mail. But since it hadn’t come back as “undeliverable” we knew someone had.

My e-mail address consisted of my given name, last initial and dot-com address. Darryl had forgotten to include my last initial. When he realized his mistake he had a sudden vision of his name in our local newspaper, in bold print, under the headline “Local Businessmen Arrested for E-mail Harassment.” He quickly sent off an apology to the mistaken address, explaining the mix-up. Within minutes he received a reply!

“No apology necessary. Although I’m getting up in years and it’s been a long time since I’ve had the experience you described, I very much enjoyed the reminder. Best wishes for you and your wife to enjoy many more such afternoons.”


~Lynn Worley Kuntz

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