43: Hats Off to Romance!

43: Hats Off to Romance!

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!

Hats Off to Romance!

A woman wears many hats in one lifetime — why shouldn’t one of them be a crown?

~Annie Jones

The smooching in the sketch meant that I needed to find a married couple to act in the drama that Sunday morning. Not having any married couples on our church drama team, I recruited my somewhat reluctant but good-natured husband to join me on stage.

The theme for the day was the Roles of Women, and we’d picked up on Amy Grant’s song, “Hats,” to write a hilarious sketch based on some what-ifs. What if a woman literally had to change her hat every time she “changed hats?” Within the span of a fast paced, five-minute sketch, “Millie” gets up in the morning, meets briefly with God, provides breakfast for her family, packs their lunches, sees them out the door, goes to work, and has lunch with a friend. She returns home to children with homework, one with the flu, supper to make, church choir practice to lead, and so on. Throughout the day, she keeps returning to a large hat box placed center stage, where she finds the appropriate hat for the task at hand — sometimes wearing two or three at once but never doing any one job well. By the end of the day, things have gotten totally out of control. As an exhausted Millie is frantically sifting through the box searching for her “nurse” hat, her husband walks in wearing a grin.

“Look what I found hidden away in the back of the closet,” he announces, blowing dust off a hard hat. “Your LOVER hat!”

To which Millie’s only reply is an exasperated “Lover hat?” and she faints into his arms as the lights fade. We knew it would be a big hit with an audience who could easily identify.

My husband agreed to dust off his business suit for the role, but didn’t bother to try it on until Sunday morning. Uh oh… it seemed to have shrunk a little while it hung in the closet. There was no time to do anything about it. The show had to go on. And it did. I played my part with enthusiasm, allowing my character to get more and more crazed as the story unfolded and built to the big finish when my knight in binding armor would sweep me into his arms right there in front of the entire congregation! And he did… just as his pants split right up the back, revealing to the crowd his white undershorts as the lights faded and our audience burst into gales of laughter and applause.

I went home and put on my mending hat.


~Terrie Todd

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