99: Dreams Can Come True

99: Dreams Can Come True

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!

Dreams Can Come True

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

~Edgar Cayce

As I entered the hospital to visit my husband, a Lay Eucharistic Minister from my church approached me. “I came to give Jim communion, but something’s amiss,” he said. “They won’t let me see him.”

When Jim’s doctor recommended hernia surgery, we were confident of the surgeon’s expertise and were relieved when it was successful. Jim’s recovery went without complications and on the Sunday before he was to come home, I went to church full of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Afterwards, I drove to the hospital, relieved and excited that the ordeal was over and he would soon be able to travel again.

Puzzled, we went to Jim’s room and found a “NO ADMITTANCE” sign on the door. When we inquired why, a nurse took us aside and said Jim’s doctor wanted to talk to me. We didn’t wait long, and as the doctor approached us, the sad look on his face warned me that that something was indeed amiss.

He sat down beside us and said, “After Jim took his shower and shaved this morning, a nurse took his vitals and asked how he felt. Jim said he felt great and then collapsed. She called code blue. Doctors tried to revive him, but Jim had suffered a fatal heart attack.”

I listened in disbelief. Jim and I had never been aware of any heart problems. Although stunned, I heard myself say, “Jim wanted to donate any useable organs and I know there are time limitations. Can you take care of it?”

The doctor nodded and said he could. He would contact me later on details and arrangements for the body. Earlier, Jim and I had agreed to organ donations and cremation so we had bought a plot in our church columbarium.

While the doctor and I talked, my Eucharistic Minister had called the church. Before I left the hospital, church friends arrived, drove me home, and stayed with me while I contacted our daughters.

Within an hour, my Denver daughter and her husband were with me, and my Seattle daughter made airline reservations to fly to Colorado that afternoon. Their love and support was of great comfort to me over the following days.

Of course, they had jobs and their own responsibilities and when they resumed their daily lives, I pondered my future without Jim. Throughout our idyllic fifty-one-year marriage, Jim and I shared a fascination with dreams. We often discussed them, and when we interpreted them correctly, benefited from them.

Years earlier, through dreams and meditations, I learned my purpose in this life was to seek, share and spread love. Jim had made it so easy. Now he was gone. How could I fulfill my mission without him?

After prayers one night, I fell asleep and began dreaming. Jim’s face appeared. Although he didn’t say anything, he flashed his magnetic smile and looked as he had in his prime.

Upon awaking, I interpreted Jim’s appearance to mean he was happy on the other side. While comforted that he was at peace, it didn’t relieve my loneliness. Oh, I went through the routine of daily life and spent more time with my children and grandchildren, which gave me many happy hours, but my lust for life was gone.

Months later, in desperation, I prayed one night for God to send me a message about what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.

I fell asleep and soon Jim reappeared in another dream. This time, he spoke. “I love you, Sally, but it’s time for me to ascend to a higher plane. Your grieving is hampering my transition. I’ll always love you and care for you, but I must move on with my life just as you must start a new life for yourself.”

I knew I was dreaming, but it was so real I felt his presence. Then, two angels materialized, one on each side of Jim, and led him out the front door.

After hearing the door close, I heard a hammering sound coming from my kitchen. Still dreaming, I went there to find an older, unfamiliar man replacing my back door. “Don’t be afraid and don’t worry,” he said in a soothing voice. “I’m going to keep you safe and take care of you for the rest of your life.”

I awakened with the dream etched clearly in my mind and wrote it down in my dream diary before I forgot it. I knew this would be Jim’s way to contact me and I wanted to make sure I understood his message.

The first part about Jim ascending to a higher plane was understandable, but the second part about the stranger replacing my back door baffled me.

My back door didn’t need replacing. Furthermore, I didn’t recognize the man’s voice and couldn’t see his face because a mist obscured it. Even more puzzling was the word ME printed on the man’s shirt. Mystified, I prayed that Jim would return and clarify the meaning in another dream.

He didn’t.

Days passed into weeks, and weeks into months, but Jim didn’t reappear. I consoled myself that he had made the transition to a higher plane and the stranger fixing my back door wasn’t important.

Almost a year later, a church friend introduced me to her widowed cousin, an intelligent, attractive man with a delightful sense of humor. A few years older than me, he was, like Jim, a retired insurance vice president and seemed to enjoy the same things Jim did. We quickly became friends.

He and I communicated easily. We went to dinners and plays, and he even took ballroom dance lessons to please me.

Although we agreed that companionship was all we desired, we surprised each other by falling in love. During our months of courtship, I remembered my dream about the stranger who fixed my back door, wearing a shirt with the word ME imprinted on it.

Shortly after we married, Jim visited me in another dream. Although, he didn’t speak, his twinkling eyes and engaging smile told me that he and God had sent Mel Engeman into my life and approved of our marriage.


~Sally Kelly-Engeman

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