29: A Promise in the Rainbow

29: A Promise in the Rainbow

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven

A Promise in the Rainbow

May God give you. . . For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial.

~Irish Blessing

“Please God, don’t let me cry. Please God, don’t let me cry.” I prayed urgently before my wedding because I knew it would be hard not to have my father walk me down the aisle. His wedding ring was attached to the ribbons flowing from my bouquet. Alongside the ring was a tiny golden angel pin that I wore every day while he was fighting cancer.

I had considered an outdoor wedding, but I knew that would be impossible. I was certain it would rain on my wedding day. How else would a rainbow appear in the sky?

Rainbows had come to mean something very different to our family ever since the funeral. At the graveside services, there had been a huge clap of thunder, but the rain didn’t pour. When we returned home, my brother said, “Come look outside!” There was a gigantic double rainbow over the house. We knew it was Daddy’s smile, covering our house in a veil of security.

On my parents’ anniversary, the double rainbow returned in the same place. We rushed outside to take a picture of it, with happy tears falling. It was like a little note from Daddy letting us know that he was okay and smiling even brighter.

The following August, I could hardly wait to show my mother my Sunday School lesson page for the day, Daddy’s birthday. The illustration was a photo of a rainbow and above it August 27th.

As I clutched my wedding bouquet, I was certain there would be a rainbow in the sky that day. He wouldn’t miss my wedding. As I took my grandpa’s arm, I figured the flood of tears would shock even Noah. My prayers seemed to be working though. I just smiled as I walked and was grateful to have my grandpa next to me.

When the preacher asked, “Who gives this woman?” I thought that would do me in, but it didn’t. I joined my soon-to-be husband at the front and then realized my prayer should have been much more specific — a prayer to be in control of my emotions completely. I felt a little giggle trying to escape. Then, the more I tried, the less it worked until I couldn’t stop laughing at all! My shoulders shook like I was having convulsions. Then, my sister started laughing. Then, it caught my soon-to-be husband and his brother. We were all falling completely apart!

We planned to leave the church in a 1957 Bel Air convertible. Balloons were attached to the back, and we set off down the road with gray skies and the top down. Light sprinkles hit my face as I searched the sky for a rainbow but saw nothing.

When we returned from our honeymoon, my mother handed me the front page of the paper for the day after our wedding. The caption underneath the giant rainbow said, “A rainbow appears over downtown Lubbock after a thunderstorm Saturday evening.” It looks like Daddy not only showed up for the wedding but managed to be in the pictures as well.

~Heather King McGee

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