60: A Kiss Goodbye

60: A Kiss Goodbye

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven

A Kiss Goodbye

Pay attention to your dreams—
God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.

~Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angels’ Little Instruction Book

The window in my bedroom slowly opened; I could see the sheer curtains blow ever so gently. I was frozen with fear as a dark figure climbed into the room. He appeared to be wearing a trench coat and fedora hat. I could not make out the face or complexion. He just appeared to be this stalking black shadow of the night, with no identifying features.

The shadow of a man began to walk to my bedside. I was unable to move or speak. When he stopped at my bed something gave me the courage to scream. Awakened by my own screams and shaken, I sat straight up, trying to make sense of the dream. This recurring dream would awaken me many nights over the next three years.

I happened to share my dream with a friend, who suggested that I go to our church and speak with our priest. The priest asked if I had lost someone without having a chance to say goodbye. He suggested that the dream indicated my subconscious needed to say goodbye to a loved one and that the next time I had the dream I should allow myself to finish the dream so as to have closure. My dad had passed on when I was fifteen. Maybe I needed to say goodbye to him.

In a deep slumber one night, the dream began to play out. My visitor opened the window, the curtains gently danced in and out from the window. I could actually feel a soft breeze coming into the room. The mysterious figure began to climb through the window. I could clearly see the silhouette of the trench coat and fedora. Remembering the priest’s words, I fought with my fears of the unknown and forced myself to allow him to come close without screaming. He stood at my bedside, standing over me as if admiring me. I tried to make out any features. But it was impossible; the room was too dark. What happened next was so unexpected. He slowly bent over me and tenderly kissed my forehead. Then he turned around and went back out the window. All those years and the strange figure who invaded my nights just wanted to kiss me goodnight!

The next morning, with the memory of the dream still vivid, I realized it was my daddy saying goodbye to me. My parents were separated when Dad took his own life. We never had a chance to say our goodbyes. It was a harsh reality for a fifteen-year-old girl.

I never had the dream again. I had my closure, my final kiss goodbye.

~Lonnie Frock

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