87: Guide from Beyond

87: Guide from Beyond

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven

Guide from Beyond

For every soul, there is a guardian watching it.

~The Koran

On my fortieth birthday, I was surrounded by a wonderful group of friends. I had been on bed rest for nearly two months, pregnant with twins and unable to rise due to complications with the pregnancy. Since I couldn’t go out, they came in. At 5 p.m., I received a telephone call from my mother. While I expected congratulations, I instead received news of my dear nana’s passing. It had been a long struggle, and I was glad for her relief, but I was also devastated.

Less than three days later, I went into labor and brought the twins into the world—ten weeks early. Two months later, we were finally able to bring them home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Three months passed and I received the second call. My grandfather, after sixty-seven years of marriage to his sweetheart, had left to join her. Despite his advanced age, my grandfather was playful and engaged. His death was almost incomprehensible to me. I had been close with my nana, but my grandfather and I shared a special bond—one so deep in Spirit that at times I would be dialing his number, and he would be dialing mine simultaneously!

The memorial service and the year after were a blur. My life had lost its foundation. I focused all of my energy on tending my family and my practice, as my marriage tore apart and I began to lose myself in my grief. I knew that something had to give—I couldn’t keep going without some help.

I spoke to friends, family, therapists, and even to God. Then, the most amazing thing happened. During the process of caring for one of my therapy clients, I started to get signs. And the signs led me to unwavering faith.

I attended a conference to review new research in the treatment of trauma. I met a terrific clinician who told me about a trauma facility she was helping launch. A week later, I opened my e-mail to a flyer announcing the opening of that facility, accompanied by a bio of its Executive Director, Lee McCormick. The following day, I admitted my client to a similar facility, owned by none other than Lee McCormick! And, while my client got acclimated to her new surroundings, I toured the grounds with the Intake Director. For two hours, he told me about the place and then asked me about myself. I told him of my practice, of my reality, of my dreams. He stopped, looked deeply into my eyes, and said, “I’ve got someone you need to meet!”

A week and three e-mails later, Lee and I spoke at length on the phone. It was uncanny how much we had in common, if not professionally, then personally. He was eager to see how we might work together. And he invited me to join him on a journey to Teotihuacan, Mexico—the place where it is believed that men become gods.

Teo is an interesting place. The city is more than 4,000 years old, and no one knows who actually built it. It was completely abandoned when it was discovered. It houses two major pyramids, several major temples, and thousands of residences. And, Teo is alive.

I first noticed the vibration as we walked towards the site on our first morning together. I actually had to stop and catch my breath several times because my heart seemed to be beating out of control. One of the shamans came beside me, placed her hand on my back and said calmly, “Recalibrate.”

We entered the site and made our way to an altar in front of the Pyramid of the Sun. We removed our backpacks and hats and seated ourselves on the ground. Lee instructed us to close our eyes and breathe in this magical place. Then, in the gentlest of voices, he led us into our own hearts. He encouraged us to feel the space, to embrace its sorrow, to feel its pain. He guided us to invite an avatar to assist us—a spirit, our God, a loved one—to hold our hearts during this journey.

Tears streaming down my face, eyes closed, face basking in the sun, my grandfather came to me. He was surrounded by a magnificent light—so bright it was hard to focus on him at first. He came from the room at the base of the Pyramid and strode towards me, arms open, a smile on his face. He embraced me. Then, as he stepped away, I saw that he held my heart, now shimmering with iridescence.

“You do what you need to do. I will care for your heart while you heal. You’ve been through so much. You need to become whole again.”

And, with that, he turned and was consumed in the light of the Sun.

I was brought back by the sound of Lee’s voice, inviting us to open our eyes and begin our journey. Sobbing, I tried to regain my composure until I realized many others were also crying, laughing, smiling—all at the same time.

“The journey’s begun,” Lee said.

Four days later, I had made my way through a maze of rituals, ceremonies, memories, songs, and guided imagery sessions. I was lighter than I had been since my childhood, and had found a road-map for the future. I had found myself, and within, an unwavering faith.

On our last night together, in reverent silence, we invited back our avatars and guides. Once again, my grandfather appeared in all his glory and placed my heart gently back into place. I felt an amazing burst of energy, matched by an overwhelming sense of peace. The smile that came from my depths surprised me. I opened my eyes as he waved goodbye and reminded me, “I am with you always, my dear.”

~Sage de Beixedon Breslin, Ph.D.

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