3: I Am a Teacher

3: I Am a Teacher

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales

I Am a Teacher

What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.

~Karl Menninger

Glancing into my world, the observant sees…

Students seeking guidance

A sea of eyes filled with determination, defiance, and delight

Rooms filled with distinct personalities begging to be noticed

Adolescents bombarded with issues searching for approval

Bright minds daring me to challenge them

I accept…

I am a teacher

Drifting through the halls, the intent listener will hear…

Students voicing opinions, learning how to support them

The creaking of minds opening to new concepts

Ideas being absorbed within the walls of the classroom

Discussions full of insightful comments, shouts of celebration for a job well done

The tones of student voices noting signs of frustration or joy

I listen…

I am a teacher

Gurgling inspiration runs deep, I feel…

The uncertainty of students venturing into adulthood

A passion for teaching each morning as I step before my audience

An impression that I can make a difference one baby step at a time

As if I can never obtain enough knowledge, I must keep learning

Anguish, sometimes caring more than a heart can bear

I have faith…

I am a teacher

Inhaling deeply, I sense…

The educational winds of change blowing in a continuing eddy

Swirls of standards, expectations, and objectives surrounding us

Frenzied collisions of assessments and potential achievements

A call for improved cooperation among students, teachers, and community

The future filled with possibilities

I hope…

I am a teacher

Examining within myself, I acknowledge…

A deep need to please everyone, still knowing this is not feasible

Empathy pouring from my heart towards students who lose their direction

An imbedded desire to mend hurts and create a better environment

A yearning to be a teacher who taps into the creative spirit

The challenge of balancing roles of mother, wife, educator, advisor, and coach

I am not super woman…

I am a teacher

Offering advice to prospective teachers, I recommend…

Pursuing the field of education with an open heart and mind

Exploring all the nuances of your subject area and gaining a strong understanding

Accepting the fact that teaching is a life choice

Remembering that your humanity makes you perfect for the role

Knowing that the perks are intrinsic

Nothing compares to being an influence in so many lives

You take a chance…

Be a teacher

~Alice King
2009 Wyoming State Teacher of the Year
English, Speech teacher, grades 10-12

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