10: Diana and the Purple Diamond Gang

10: Diana and the Purple Diamond Gang

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School

Diana and the Purple Diamond Gang

Life’s not about fitting in; it’s about standing out.


Diana was intelligent, and talented, and kind,
And yet, she felt inadequate, in her self-despairing mind.
She volunteered, wrote stories, played the violin, and sang,
But she yearned with all her heart to join the Purple Diamond Gang.

For, the Diamonds were selective, and accepted very few,
And to earn a bid for membership was difficult to do.
But Diana ached so badly for the girls to take her in,
That she would do almost anything, so approval she would win.

So, with all the girls’ opinions, she pretended to agree.
And she wasted all her money on a spendthrift shopping spree
To purchase Diamond clothing, of purple violet blue,
And although she thought she liked these things,
   she wasn’t being true
To herself, for in reality, she favoured clothes of red,
And she hated Britney Spears, she liked her Jewel CD instead.
But Diana’s likes and dislikes, the Diamonds didn’t know,
So Diana thought being phony was the only way to go.
For, if she acted differently, they’d think that she was weird,
And therefore, would not accept her, or so Diana feared.
So, when the Diamonds asked of her, her favourite book and song,
And TV show and movie, she feared she’d answer wrong
If she told the Diamond girls the truth,
   that she liked to groove to Jewel,
For she thought that non-conformity was against
   the Diamonds’ rules.

But when Diana left the room, to go and wash her hands,
The leader of the Diamonds said, “I do not understand,
Why Diana acts so strangely in our presence. She’s too shy
To tell us what she truly thinks, I really wonder why.
For, I really like Diana, she’s a sweet and funny girl,
But she hides her personality, to fit into our world.
Why does she feel she has to? I can’t say that I know,
But until she learns to be herself, Diana has to go.”

The other girls agreed with her, but they were very sad
To deny Diana membership, for potential, they knew she had.
But when the disappointing news, the Diamonds had to tell,
Diana was heartbroken, but a bit relieved as well.
She went back to her apartment, donned her favourite shirt of red,
Synched some Jewel into her iPod, slipped her earphones
   on her head,
And revelled in being herself once more, with no doubts
   or misgivings,
For always pleasing others is a crummy way of living!

So Diana started acting real, and the Diamonds stayed her friends,
And so, with a simple moral, our tale today must end;
If you live your life dishonestly, no one will ever know,
How wonderful you really are, if you never let it show.
So, cast away the cloaks and masks, and let your soul shine through,
And despite what other people think, to thine own self, be true.

~Emily Adams

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