46: Ben

46: Ben

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School


That’s why they call them crushes.
If they were easy,
they’d call them something else.

~Jim Baker, Sixteen Candles

I’m talking to my friends at my locker,
not paying attention to much of anything.
Then, I get up and turn around.
Behind me, he is standing.
His smile melts me.
“Hi,” I finally manage to say.
He waves, then walks away.
Slowly, all feeling comes back to me.
Hi? I think to myself,
angered that I hadn’t said more...
hadn’t kept him longer.
Later in class,
I can’t help but steal a glance at him;
He’s looking at me too!
I quickly turn back to my paper.
Now I lie in bed,
wishing I knew how he felt about me—
wishing I knew how I looked in his eyes.
I close my ears to all sound, my eyes to all sight.
In my mind, I see him smiling, his brown eyes glowing.
I make up my mind:
Tomorrow I will tell him how I feel.

~Jennifer Lynn Clay

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