59: In Between

59: In Between

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School

In Between

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Too young to have a real job,
Too old to play with toys,
Not tall enough to shoot the hoops
With towering high school boys.

Too young for going out on dates,
Too old to have a sitter,
Not shaped just right to wear the clothes,
With all the sparkling glitter.

Prom is just a distant dream,
And make-up is a chore.
I’d rather stay in bed all day
‘Cuz school is such a bore.

I watch the older kids drive cars
And dream of my big chance
To make the winning touchdown,
To learn the latest dance.

Everyone is asking
“What path will you pursue?”
“What college will you go to?”
I haven’t got a clue.

Life is so confusing
For each and every teen,
For everywhere we turn to look
We’re caught there in between.

I learn a little more of life
With every single day.
I learn to handle ups and downs
And all that comes my way.

The problems come and problems go
I bounce back from the pain.
I learn to share the laughs and tears
And see the steps I gain.

This is a time of growth and hope
Of being just a teen,
Of planning all my distant dreams,
The years of in between.

~Cynda M. Strong

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