From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song

Taylor Dayne

Written by Taylor Dayne and Hitesh Ceon
Recorded by Taylor Dayne

I was recording a lot in Europe at the time, which was around 2007. I was heading back to Sweden through Austria. I’d been working with some of the large number of incredible pop songwriters in Stockholm. It was mid-December and 3 below zero and it got dark very early there.

I was looking for a dance, up tempo track and had received several but when I heard Hitesh Ceon’s music, I knew that was it. Although it was a mid-tempo track, it starts with the most lush string instrumental. It reminded me of some of the classic music soundtracks from when I was a kid, like Disney movies or Star Trek. Then it goes into a great drum and percussion section. I wanted to write to this track.

Two days before leaving Los Angeles for Europe, I went to see some friends from E! Television at a party they were giving at Avalon. I was sitting at a table in this large club, with a bunch of my girlfriends, and saw a guy walking around. I said, “God, that’s the guy for me.” I told my friends how cute I thought he was. I could only see him from a distance, but it seemed as if he was working there, he seemed very authoritative.

I continued talking to the other girls and felt someone behind me. It was the guy, whom I heard say, “Taylor!” with a great deal of familiarity. The minute I turned around and saw him close up, I realized that I knew him. I hadn’t seen him in about four years. We had a hot and heavy moment back then. He touched my arm and the minute he did, there was electricity. He moved me. I wanted to stop my life and be in his world. It was his birthday and, in fact, he was the manager of the club. He wanted to get together after he closed and asked for my number.

I left and he went into the parking lot to look for me. He remembered my car and found me there. He looked in the window and asked what was in the back seat. Two car seats — for my twins. That’s a long story. I wasn’t married, I used a surrogate. Let that suffice.

I never heard from him. I’ve seen him a bunch of times since then — in passing.

So, when I got into the studio in Stockholm, just days later, I wrote this song completely, utterly inspired by him. It’s about the rush of meeting, knowing, feeling and going for it.

The song became my seventeenth Top 10 record and hit #1 on Billboard’s dance charts.

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