“Two Tickets To Paradise”

“Two Tickets To Paradise”

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song

Eddie Money
“Two Tickets To Paradise”

Written and Recorded by Eddie Money

When I wrote this, I was going out with a girl from college whose mother was trying to get her away from me to date a doctor, lawyer or CPA on the weekends when she went home to San Francisco. What her mom didn’t know was that her daughter was living with me during the week.

I didn’t have money to take her anywhere. She was from a pretty wealthy family that took her to Tahiti and Paris — I was in a rock band, going to college and living on peanut butter sandwiches and Chef Boyardee ravioli.

I was doing a show in Arcadia, which is in northern California. I decided to take her with me for a getaway and spent about $100 for Greyhound bus tickets. It was beautiful country and we went to see the redwoods and really had a wonderful time. You don’t have to go to Rome or Paris or another exotic location to enjoy yourself. If you’re in love, any trip is paradise.

She eventually dumped me for a lawyer, but we had a great year.

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