“Kiss This”

“Kiss This”

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song

Aaron Tippin
“Kiss This”

Written by Aaron Tippin, Philip Douglas and Thea Tippin
Recorded by Aaron Tippin

My wife, Thea, and I were in the kitchen at home with our son. She was cooking and she calls me the back-seat cook. I always wonder why she doesn’t just open a cookbook. I realized that I didn’t want to argue and said, “Honey, let’s just stop. What do you say we start all over, kiss and make up?” She said, “Kiss this!” and pointed to the appropriate place. She’s from Montana and not afraid to open her mouth. She immediately followed with, “You know, that sounds like a song.”

Over the next two weeks, as we wrote the song, it got funnier and funnier. It got to be a good story. The record company had a funny reaction — they were afraid that radio wouldn’t play it. We recorded it anyway. Fortunately, they loved it when it was finished.

Thea had been writing with me a long time. She got the first country cut, the first cut of mine, the first chart record, our first #1 record, and the first ACM nomination — all in one song. Phil (Douglas) is great with melodies, although he is a lyricist too.

It’s a lot of fun writing with Thea. It’s something else we can do together. We’re partners in business, lovers, and have children together. We’re kind of joined at the hip. I’m proud of her. In fact, I produced a jazz album on her. It’s out of this world. I do a duet with her on “Hit the Road Jack.” We have a new indie label so we get a chance to do what we want to.

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