6: Good Times in Bad Times

6: Good Times in Bad Times

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People

Good Times in Bad Times

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

~Hugh Downs

The economy’s failing is what they all say
Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, appreciate today.

Those stocks and 401Ks have shrunk and gone down.
It’s my own choice to wear a smile or a frown.

The gas prices shoot sky high, then lower than low.
I have learned to conserve wherever I go.

The cost of heating our home makes me want to weep;
I don double socks, then curl up in deep sleep.

Beans and rice make great protein when meat prices soar.
There is no gas shortage in our home anymore.

Our drink of choice has become good ole H2O.
We have it on the rocks to put on a good show.

We snip out coupons and dream of discounts galore.
We await final sales in our favorite store.

No more nights on the town; we eat more homemade fare,
Which leads to conversing and becoming aware.

Forget box office tickets and the movie debut;
Renting DVDs is cheaper, with no ads to view.

The TV reminds us of things we can’t afford.
Turning it off provides its own great reward.

We’ve rediscovered board games and the fun they bring.
Free books from the library, another new thing.

Getting back to basics has brought us joy and fun.
Could it be this cutting back has merely begun?

There’s always someone worse off than we are, they say.
Which reminds us we’re blessed in a really big way.

In good times or bad times, we know one thing is true:
Having faith in our God, helps us see our way through.

The economy’s failing is what they all say.
Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow; delight in today!

~Johnna Stein

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