111: A Dandelion Christmas Wish

111: A Dandelion Christmas Wish

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People

A Dandelion Christmas Wish

Even the wishes of an ant reach heaven.

~Japanese Proverb

“Hurry mommy, make a wish!” my child said to me.
He held the dandelion puff so soft and tenderly.
“Maybe later,” I replied, holding back a sob.
“Wishing won’t pay past due bills or get me back my job.”

“But mommy,” piped his tiny voice.
    “There’s something you should know.”
He plucked a white frond carefully, and then he let it go.
“I’m too busy,” I replied, still angry at my fate.
“Wishing won’t buy winter coats or put food on your plate.”

“But, it’s important,” he declared and gave my hand a squeeze.
He looked up at the soft, white frond still floating in the breeze.
“Would you be still?” I pleaded. My mind began to roam.
“Wishing won’t get our house back or bring your daddy home.”

“Oh yes it will,” he said at last. “You have to wait and see!”
He plucked another frond or two, and then he set them free.
His face grew very solemn and he gave a little nod.
“Half these seeds go off to Santa. Half go up to God.”

“I wanna make a great big wish. God knows that I believe.
And if I’m a real good boy, he’ll come on Christmas Eve.
God might slide down the chimney with answers that he’s found.
He’ll put my wish beneath the tree while reindeer dance around.”

I stood in sad reflection, not sure of what to say.
I didn’t want his heart to break once more on Christmas day.
He whispered something softly, then he blew upon the puff.
Whatever God leaves by our tree... it’s sure to be enough.”

My lips began to tremble, and I dropped down to my knees.
I wrapped my arms around him and I gave him one long squeeze.
We cupped our hands together and we raised the puff up high.
Then we sent our hopeful wishes like seeds into the sky.

~Madeleine Kuderick


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