70: Socks

70: Socks

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives


By Lynn Dove

 . . .to be made new in the attitude of your minds…

~Ephesians 4:23

My husband has this strange habit. He calls it logical organization. I used to call it annoying, but I have put up with it for nearly thirty-five years, so now it is almost endearing. Yeah, I said it… what was once annoying is now endearing. How did that happen? Explanation: being married for close to thirty-five years!

Charles has a little sock pile on the floor on his side of our bed. Usually, there are at least three pairs of socks in it. One pair is his dress socks. Another is a pair of white tube socks he wears with his jeans. The last pair are usually soiled and holey but, as he says, “good enough to work on cars with.” He has this system of “recycling” through his socks during any given week. Since he only uses his dress socks for work, he can usually get two days’ wear out of them. His casual tube socks he can sometimes stretch to three wearable days, and his “working-on-car socks” are worn until they nearly fall off his feet. It is a system he has had since we got married. Try as I might to pick up the socks and organize them in my own way by throwing them in the laundry, or at least putting them in a drawer so I don’t have socks on the floor, Charles prefers his method.

Today, as I made the bed and stepped over his little pile of socks, I wanted to act annoyed. Instead, I laughed out loud and then picked up one of the tube socks and lovingly held it in my hand.

A dear friend of ours lost her sweet husband a while ago. Theirs was a marriage that all of us dream of having. Laughing side-by-side, hand-in-hand, raising children together and loving their grandchildren, they were indeed the “perfect” couple. She sits alone in church now. Yes, she is surrounded by her friends and family, but her best friend is no longer by her side. She used to complain once in a while to me about some of her husband’s quirky habits, but now she just smiles in remembrance of him.

I can’t imagine life without my best friend by my side.

I look at the sock in my hand, and then look down to see a week’s worth of his “sock organization.” Annoying, yes, but as I drop the tube sock back onto the pile, I praise God for my husband.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if I never again saw his socks there on the floor beside the bed.

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