101: The Excited Mark

101: The Excited Mark

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive

The Excited Mark

You will find more happiness growing down than up.

~Author Unknown

My six-year-old grandson Cade was preparing to attend the birthday party of a very pretty girl in his class. He and his parents picked out a present and wrapped it. Once it was wrapped and decorated to his satisfaction, he asked his dad to write on the card for him, since he was just learning to write. Daddy dutifully sat down and wrote as his son dictated. When they finished his dad showed Cade the card and asked: “How’s that?”

Cade frowned and said, “You forgot the excited mark, Dad.”

After his dad and mom recovered from their laughter, his mom asked, “Do you mean an exclamation point?”

Cade thought about it and said, “Yeah, that’s it.”

Leave it to a child to show us a new way of looking at our world. I laughed for some time after she shared this story with me but it reminded me that we take so many things for granted as adults. Doesn’t an “excited mark” sound like so much more fun than an exclamation point? I think so. I will never be able to see an exclamation point the same again.

Lord, give me the heart of a child to see things in a new and refreshing way in the world around me!

~Sandy Stevener

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