15: Fun Facts

15: Fun Facts

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum

Fun Facts

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

~John Lennon

There are 300 lights on the ceiling.

There are 900 tiles on this floor.

Did you know aloe plants are quite healing,

And a wild angry pig is a boar?

There are 6,000 words on this web page.

There are 23 fleas on the dog.

Oh I told all your friends ’bout your real age,

Then I posted it here on your blog.

There are 88 stitches on softballs.

There are 13 small hairs on your chin.

Did you know that you sound like a moose call,

When your sinuses start to kick in?

Did you know that your mouth looks quite scary?

And your indoor voice seems rather loud.

I know thousands of facts on canaries.

All this info must make you quite proud.

I am sure that my teachers love fun facts,

Cause their faces all look like yours do.

By the way there’s a note in my backpack.

My school must be proud of me too!

~Peggy Robbins Janousky

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