57: The Very Long Distance Call

57: The Very Long Distance Call

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven

The Very Long Distance Call

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

~Albert Einstein

I loved my cousin Morgan. He was, during my youth, more like an older brother to me. My love of sports, entertainment, music, etc. was heavily influenced by him. We remained extremely close into adulthood. Morgan was someone who had an almost supernatural “life force” about him. When you were in his company, you felt his vibrancy, his positivity and his goodness. I don’t know how else to describe it, but anyone who met him would know what I mean. That’s why it was especially devastating and shocking beyond belief that a life force like Morgan’s could be extinguished, at age sixty-two, by pancreatic cancer.

There are certain people who I find it hard to believe are no longer with us. It’s a strange and eclectic list, I know. It’s celebrities like Dana Reeve (Christopher Reeve’s wife), Tim Russert, Phil Rizzuto, Michael Jackson, Merv Griffin, Bobby Murcer, Elizabeth Edwards… just that life force thing, I guess. Morgan was in that category.

One day, about a year or so after his passing, my wife Dana and I got home early on a Saturday evening to hear a message on our answering machine. It was from Morgan’s son, Adam, telling us to make sure we watched psychic John Edward’s television show that evening. The program was about to start. We turned on the TV and there was Morgan’s wife, Jennifer, along with their two adult children, Adam and Alana, having a psychic reading by Edward regarding Morgan’s attempt to communicate with them from the great beyond.

It was pretty intense and incredible stuff. Normally I would be highly skeptical, but the ultimate shocker for Dana and I came when Edward stated that Morgan was communicating about “a certain song from the Broadway musical Wicked.” Jennifer, Adam and Alana shook their heads, not immediately recalling any particular association between Morgan and a song from Wicked. But Dana and I sure knew of one.

The previous year, when it had become clear that Morgan had no more than a few days left to live, Dana handpicked a song that she felt best expressed her feelings about him. She recorded her version of the song “For Good” from the show Wicked, and overnighted a CD to the hospice where Morgan spent his final days. Jennifer played the song for Morgan that next evening. According to Jennifer, a very weakened Morgan smiled and cried at the recording’s conclusion. And the very next morning, he passed away.

So you can only imagine how stunned Dana and I were to hear Edward mention, of all things, “a certain song from the Broadway musical Wicked. Nobody outside of me, Dana, and Morgan’s immediate family would even know that it was the final song Morgan had listened to before he passed!

As Dana and I struggled to keep it together during the fascinating and chillingly on-target reading, the telephone rang. I hurriedly picked up the phone. There was no voice on the other end, just a loud, piercing, electronic screeching sound. Very strange, I thought, and hung up. Again the phone rang. Again that screeching sound. I don’t ever remember hearing a noise quite like that coming through a phone. I hung up once more.

Even more bizarre, when I picked up the phone again I couldn’t get a dial tone — just that strange electronic piercing noise, louder than ever! I checked all the connections. Everything was fine. But no matter what I tried to do, I could not get rid of that noise. Then literally within seconds of Edward’s segment with Morgan’s family ending, the screeching sound stopped and the dial tone mysteriously returned!

I have since been told by people who have studied the field of parapsychology that departed family members often use modern electronics to communicate from the great beyond, and that the telephone is the tool most frequently employed. No one would have found that kind of stuff more absurd than I, trust me. But Morgan, I truly believe with all my heart that it was you trying to reach us that Saturday night. And you sure did, Cuz. You sure did.

~Gary Stein

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