63: Picture Perfect Pseudonym

63: Picture Perfect Pseudonym

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven

Picture Perfect Pseudonym

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.

~Anaïs Nin

Little did I know that I would be tagged with a new name from a spirit in the afterlife. A name other than what was on my Social Security card. At birth I was given the name of Sylvia Jane Bright. When I married, I loved my name change to Sylvia Bright-Green. I likewise loved my other nametags through the years: wife, mother, grandmother, great-, and great-great-grandmother.

So I was surprised a few years ago when I was labeled with an unusual pseudonym. My new name came via a professional writer friend who I asked to edit my paranormal book. She readily agreed and I sent her the manuscript. After two months, I telephoned and inquired about the status of my book. She said her position at the daily newspaper became more involved than expected, but promised she would get to my book manuscript that weekend.

Two weeks later, I welcomed my book back with all its professional comments and corrections. While implementing the editing suggestions, I perceived an eerie feeling that someone else had read my manuscript. So I phoned my friend and inquired.

“No, Sylvia,” she replied. “I wouldn’t let anyone read your manuscript without your permission. Why do you ask?”

I then described who I sensed had read my book. I saw a woman who appeared to be in her early thirties, medium build, about five-foot-four with dark brown hair pulled back into a mass of long curls. Her complexion was flawless like a doll’s. She was attired in a grand, black floor-length Victorian style dress.

I likewise informed my writer friend that while I was intuitively tuned into this female apparition, I received a message from her. This disembodied spirit said she admired what I wrote in my manuscript; and commented that she was a cloistered writer and a trance medium that yearned to have been allowed to use all her secret abilities. But in her era she would have been locked up as a lunatic.

She then gave me an inspiring message: “Remember to take daily trips from your mind into your soul… because there is a blossoming being within lovingly awaiting to progress and connect you to your divine power. Trust that inspired power and wisdom to guide you forward at the perfect time and in the right way. So heed your inner messages, and entrust the reverent flow of your life and you will make a difference that only you can make.” She further stated that she admired my adventuresome nature and freethinking spirit, and added, “Never give up on you… like my family forced me to do.”

Upon informing my young newspaper friend (a logical, single, petite woman with short blond hair) about my eerie experience, she said, “This is even too weird for me. I don’t believe in any of this stuff. I only offered to edit your supernormal book because we’re friends and writers. But what you just described and told me is so way-out that it gives me the willies.”

She told me that when she received my book manuscript in the mail she placed it in her hallway on an antique typewriter, and it stayed there until I reminded her of the editing. “The description you just gave of someone reading your manuscript,” she noted, “matches the woman in the picture hanging over the 1900s typewriter. That old machine was hers. She was a great-great-aunt on my mother’s side of the family who was often referred to as ‘unusual.’ You know my dear writer friend; you really are some ‘Uncanny Granny.’ ”

After being given that Uncanny Granny title, it has become my nom de plume in all my paranormal writings. I even changed the title on my book to “The Uncanny Granny Chronicles.”

I read somewhere that a mystic (or seer) sees from the heart and the soul to garner information and revelations from the hereafter. I believe this. I live this.

~Sylvia Bright-Green

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