77: Prophetic Advice from My Father

77: Prophetic Advice from My Father

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven

Prophetic Advice from My Father

There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.

~B. Quilliam

Shortly after we moved to the small town in South Georgia where my husband and my father were born and raised, I began having a lot of trouble sleeping and periodic nightmares. Since I had never lived away from home, I attributed it to the stress of the move.

One such sleepless night, after I finally dozed off, I awoke to a terrifying dream that seemed so real I was in a cold sweat and shaking. It wasn’t like a normal long rambling dream — it was just a flash of the headlights and grill of a tractor-trailer. The scary part, however, was that the first I saw of it, I was looking straight up to the giant chrome letters F-O-R-D across the front grill!

They say your body cannot tell the difference between real danger and perceived danger. It must be true because I felt the exact same fear and panic as if I were actually about to hit the truck head-on. I was so shaken by the dream that I didn’t attempt to go back to sleep. I got up and sat in the living room, my mind going over and over it the rest of the night. Just before daylight, my husband got up to find me still shaken and sitting on the couch in the dark. “What’s wrong, babe? Can’t sleep?” he asked. In a fit of tears I told him about the dream, and tried to accurately convey the terror I felt and the fear that still lingered. He was sympathetic but thought little of it, telling me “It was just a dream. You are okay. What are you so upset about?” And honestly, I couldn’t say except that it had seemed “too” real.

Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. About the time I thought I could get that picture out of my head and sleep again, I saw it again and a couple of nights later still again. This happened at least a dozen times over the course of a three-week period. It even happened twice in the daytime when I was wide awake. I was totally unnerved by it and constantly upset. I told my husband, “I know it is a warning. I am going to be hit head-on by a tractor-trailer! You don’t understand — there is no time to get out of the path of it. I don’t see it coming — it is just there!”

He tried to calm me. “Hon, you can’t let a bad dream control your life like this.” But I was convinced, to the point that I began to look for places where a truck could appear without adequate warning. It stayed on my mind day and night until I was afraid to sleep and afraid to get on the road with my children.

Finally the visions stopped. After a few weeks, the fear had somewhat subsided. I was beginning to relax and get my life back to normal.

One afternoon a couple of months later, we were heading north on Highway 29 towards Dublin, Georgia to do some shopping. I was driving, my husband in the passenger seat and all three children in the back. The speed limit was seventy, and I routinely drove at or very close to the posted speed limit.

Though I was not consciously thinking about the visions, they were never far from my mind. While speeding along, listening to the kids chattering in the back seat, I noticed we were approaching a long, gradual hill. I realized topping a hill would be exactly the kind of place where I would not see a truck until it was right in front of me. Although I did not see the vision that day, I certainly remembered it, which caused me to drop my speed to less than fifty. I stayed focused on the crest of that hill as I cautiously approached. When I was about halfway to the top, I looked up. I had to blink and look again, not believing what I was seeing. Not one but two tractor-trailers topped the hill, heading straight for me, one in each lane. Apparently one truck decided to pass the other on the hill and could not get up the speed to complete the pass, nor could he get back over before he topped the hill. Both trucks realized what was about to happen and hit the brakes hard, leaving a trail of black smoke and the deafening sound of thirty-six screeching tires, but to no avail. There was no time for the passing truck to get back in its lane.

In the next second, almost as if by instinct, I turned the car and we went bouncing into the fairly deep roadside ditch, plowing up dirt. As I fought to maintain control of the car, both trucks flew past — the one in my lane barely clearing my bumper.

As the car, finally under control, came rolling to a complete stop all three kids in the back seat were crying. Everything seemed to go black for a minute as I collapsed over the steering wheel in relief. When I raised my head and looked over at my husband, his eyes were big as saucers as he yelled out louder than he intended — “How on earth did you know what to do? I thought we were going to die!” When I finally found my voice I said, “Because I have lived this scenario over and over in my head for the past three months — that’s how.”

Had I not thought about the visions — I would have been driving the full speed limit and all three vehicles would have topped the hill at the same time. Still, I had not consciously planned what I would do, as in the visions I had no reason to believe I would have the opportunity to do anything.

Then suddenly I heard my daddy’s voice repeating his unusual instructions from years ago…

My daddy had died six years earlier in a car wreck — but suddenly his words came flooding back to me loud and clear from when I was a teenager and he was teaching me to drive. After the usual “stay in your lane, always yield to pedestrians, don’t forget to use your turn signal,” I remember thinking his next words seemed oddly prophetic. “Remember, if you are ever faced with a head-on collision situation your first instinct is going to be hit the brakes and stay your course — but always remember not to do that. You leave the road — you hear me? Do not be afraid of hitting anything else. You get out of the path of the oncoming vehicle!”

Inexplicable visions kept me alert and served as a warning so that I was prepared, and unusual instructions blurted out at what seemed like an inappropriate time nearly nine years ago — saved not only my life but the lives of my entire family.

~Andrea Peebles

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