17: Unbelief at the Crossroads

17: Unbelief at the Crossroads

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen

Unbelief at the Crossroads

Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to God for a faith lift.

~Author Unknown

The day started like any other. Our two young children went off to their private Christian day school, and my pastor husband went to run several errands. I looked forward to having a day to catch up on housework and craft projects. But then, at 10 a.m., I got the phone call that would send us on a two-year journey of learning.

My husband Gordon hadn’t seen the out-of-control car screeching toward him. The impact sent Gordon and our aging station wagon into the other lane of traffic. Thankfully, no one had any broken bones and all the passengers walked away from the accident. Only the two cars were damaged beyond repair.

But Gordon suffered an internal injury—his lower back was severely strained. The doctor reported that he would always walk with a limp and never jog again. That was not good news to a young, active, father. We had learned to cope with a variety of life’s struggles, and settled in to accept this diagnosis.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into many months. Life was pretty normal, with one exception—Gordon was in constant pain. We accepted the fact that this accident had changed our lives forever. That fall, several family friends made it a point to visit us. Both ladies were enthusiastic and full of reports from church meetings they had just attended. They talked of learning about the love of our Heavenly Father and His desire to heal us. After hearing of Gordon’s accident and his ongoing struggle with chronic pain, they insisted he should make the trip across the country to attend these services.

Our understanding of God was solid—or so we thought. Our teaching and belief did not include healings. Months passed and we had no desire to attend these so-called healing meetings. However, the next spring we found ourselves on a family road trip. We had taken up the invitation to visit our enthusiastic friend, but our plan didn’t include attending one of these meetings.

We arrived at our friend’s house just in time to go to the evening service. We tried every excuse possible. We were too tired. We had just driven across the country. We wanted to stay home and rest. But their prompting was not nearly as strong as the prompting we felt from the Lord to attend that evening.

We entered a large auditorium, filled with 1,000 people of every nationality. People from around the world had heard of these meetings and came to experience the presence of God in a fresh way. The problem was that we weren’t sure we wanted to experience anything new. We were happy with the way we were serving our God.

The worship that evening was quiet and respectful. We had expected wild and loud. As we looked around us, we saw happy people. Many were praying. Others worshipped God in a very private way. What we had feared wasn’t so bad after all. We allowed ourselves to join in and receive. Forgetting about ourselves, we started to feel the presence of God in our midst.

The preacher had finished and the worship team started singing. The invitation came for anyone who had physical pain to go forward to receive prayer. This was our critical moment. Everything in us cried for us to retreat.

Nevertheless, we decided to step out by faith and receive prayer. We were scared. I was first to position myself in line for prayer. My healing was spiritual. Gordon wasn’t far behind me in the prayer line.

We found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of others who came for healing and prayer. But at that moment, we stood alone in the presence of God. Time stilled. Sounds and voices of those around us subsided. Instead of fear and doubt, we felt surrounded by a holy peace. Hands were laid on us, petitions and blessings prayed over us. Then those who ministered that evening moved on.

Gordon left the meeting that night totally healed. No more back pain. The internal, unseen pain no longer existed. Doctors could no longer find torn ligaments and tendons. We had just experienced a miracle. No, in fact, we experienced many miracles that night. We had moved past our boundaries and allowed God to perform His perfect plan for our lives. Never again would we believe that God no long healed, that He isn’t still in the miracle business.

~Connie Hyde Thurber

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