34: The Unexpected Guest

34: The Unexpected Guest

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen

The Unexpected Guest

Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home.

~Irish Proverb

The Spirit of Life will always find a way of supporting us when we have a deep desire in our heart. Sometimes the way the guidance flows to us can be challenging to accept. All that is required of us to receive the guidance is learning to be open. I can assure you from my own personal experience, the more I learnt to listen and trust the guidance, however it flowed to me, the easier my life became.

Our financial advisor, Mark, had been waiting patiently in our lounge in Jakarta, enjoying a cold drink, when my husband Graham telephoned with another update on the traffic situation. “I’m now only two miles from home and expect to be there within the next twenty minutes.”

When Graham arrived he apologised for being late for the meeting. Mark laughed and said, “I live in Jakarta too, I know the traffic is very unpredictable.”

I left them alone to talk while I went to the kitchen to check on dinner. Our cook Ngatmi had a very concerned look on her face as she said, “The roast dinner is ready for serving, madam.” Then she looked at me with anxious eyes as to say, “What do I do?” I patted her on the shoulder and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.” As I walked into the lounge, I stopped abruptly as I could clearly see a third person in the room. I was startled.

Mark and Graham were standing, chatting and enjoying a glass of wine. Next to Mark I saw a cheeky-looking little blond boy hanging onto his right trouser leg. He stood wobbly on his feet and clung on tightly with both hands attempting to steady himself. Mark is a little over six feet tall and this small child stood no higher than Mark’s knee. I sensed the boy to be around ten to twelve months old. As we do not have children, it was difficult for me to accurately estimate this child’s age. This gorgeous little boy gave me a beautiful smile, glanced up at Mark and then he disappeared! Both Mark and Graham were oblivious to the child’s presence.

It was such a clear and vivid vision. If I hadn’t known better, I could have sworn the child had a physical presence in the room.

I retreated, walking back toward the kitchen door and out of sight. My mind searched for answers. Had Mark and his wife lost a child? Was this child simply missing his dad? Or even worse, could something horrible have just happened to the child? I slowed my breathing, opened up my energy and sensed the scene again. No answer came to me.

I was still baffled when the kitchen door flew open and my maid walked straight into me. “Oops,” I said with a start. Ngatmi stood looking at me with her eyebrows raised slightly in anticipation of my telling her to serve dinner. I gave her a questioning look and she politely said, “Madam, what time are we eating?”

“Oh,” I stammered, “I’ll be right back.” I rushed back into the lounge.

“Excuse me, Mark, is your wife in town?” I asked.

“No, she isn’t,” he replied.

“Well would you like to join us for dinner?” Before he could respond, I raised my voice and boisterously added, “We’re having… Australian roast lamb!”

“Roast lamb!” he said excitedly. “Thank you, I would love to stay for dinner.” I gave Ngatmi the thumbs up and she beamed with relief at being able to serve dinner.

During dinner, I casually asked Mark if he had any children. “No, we don’t unfortunately, but we would love a child; we have been trying for many years. We have both had tests and nothing is wrong, so maybe it’s not meant to be.”

Graham gave me one of his looks, which said, “Where are you heading with this?” I smiled at him, then told Mark about what I had seen and explained that was why I had retreated so quickly from the room earlier.

“He is a strong little boy and so determined to be noticed. I could have reached out and touched him,” I added. “I believe he is trying to tell you two to hurry up. He wants you to know he is ready and waiting. He gave you a glimpse of himself to encourage you not to give up.”

Graham then explained my unusual gifts to Mark, who fortunately was very open-minded. “I don’t do readings,” I said to Mark. “If an incident like this happens it’s for a very good reason.” He was so impressed he rang his wife to tell her.

A few weeks later she returned to Jakarta and came to see me. We talked and I described the child to her. I explained slowly what I was sensing around her. “I am to tell you to give your husband a desert spoon of honey every day and you are to eat watermelon.” I then went on to say, “I believe a door of opportunity is open to you both right now, otherwise I would not have seen this eager little boy. It’s up to you two to decide what you do with this information, I’m just the messenger.”

They heeded my words and commenced having honey and watermelon every day. Six months later, Mark contacted me to let me know his wife was pregnant. They were both very excited.

Eighteen months after first meeting Mark’s wife, I met with her again and was introduced to their little blond-haired boy. I affectionately leaned over to the pram and said, “Hello again little one, remember me? You are definitely going to be tall, just like your dad.”

I believe it’s quite possible that the honey and watermelon may have only been a support mechanism, or a distraction. This baby was meant to come to them. The Spirit of Life blessed them by giving them a glimpse of their future child.

~Yvonne Fogarty

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