44: My Worry Stone Miracle

44: My Worry Stone Miracle

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen

My Worry Stone Miracle

Some things have to be believed to be seen.

~Ralph Hodgson

A few months after my husband Bill died, his hospice nurse, Pam, moved to Florida. But before she left, she gave me a worry stone with the word L-O-V-E on it. I carried it in a pocket inside my purse, and had it with me when I attended a ceremony in honor of the donation I gave hospice after Bill’s death. Many families who had made similar donations in honor of their loved ones also attended. One by one we were called up front to accept a plaque with our loved one’s name on it. While waiting my turn, I held the worry stone in my hand.

A few weeks after the ceremony, I reached into my purse to get the worry stone and it wasn’t there. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. In the meantime, my ongoing distress with the cemetery over my husband’s gravestone, as well as their mistake with placing the vase, prompted me to write a letter expressing my frustration. More than four months had passed since my husband’s death, and his grave still did not have a permanent grave marker.

A new general manager at the cemetery called in response to my letter and asked to meet about the matter. He was not with the cemetery at the time of my husband’s death, but had talked with everyone involved and had reviewed my file. He had even been to the gravesite to inspect the temporary grave marker. He said he understood how I felt and immediately offered to reimburse me for the cost of the marker.

As I was leaving, he happened to mention that he had noticed a small stone on the grave marker when he visited the gravesite, and didn’t know if I had put it there. I asked if the stone had L-O-V-E written on it. He didn’t know, but said we could go to the gravesite to check.

To my amazement and disbelief, I saw my worry stone sitting on the lower right edge of the grave marker! I told him how I searched everywhere for it and it was a miracle he even mentioned it to me. He suggested that it possibly had fallen out of my pocket during one of my visits. As I drove away from the cemetery, totally stunned, I asked myself, “What just happened?”

My last memory of the worry stone was at the hospice ceremony. It must’ve fallen out of my lap when I stood to accept Bill’s plaque. I did not carry the stone in any of my pockets and have never carried my purse to my husband’s gravesite—there was no reason to. I always left it in the car and locked the door.

I would never have purposely put the stone on Bill’s temporary grave marker, because the permanent one could replace it at any time. I also would not have placed it near the edge of the marker. It would’ve fallen off and been lost when the marker was replaced.

I have heard stories like this that have no plausible explanation, but never thought some greater power actually moved an item from one location to another. However, I have no other explanation for what happened to my worry stone. I only know that I did not put it on my husband’s grave marker and that miracles do happen.

~Margaret Chandler

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