19: The Monday Night Ladies

19: The Monday Night Ladies

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just Us Girls

The Monday Night Ladies

It is a good thing to be rich, and it is a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved of many friends.


My husband is an accountant and he works long hours during tax season between the months of January and mid-April. One Monday afternoon my girlfriend knew my husband would be working late and suggested we go out for coffee that night at 7:00. We spent several hours in a local restaurant, chatting and laughing and having delightful, much needed time together. It was a great release of tension for me, because I still had three children at home and no husband to help me. We continued to do this every Monday evening on a regular basis. After the first time, several other friends joined in and we would laugh, tell stories, and drink so much coffee we thought we would float away.

There are now six of us who meet at a local place called Chubby’s. This has become a weekly ritual.

One night, one of the girls came in starving and decided to order a meal. That was the “AHA” moment for all of us. “Let’s start meeting at 6:30 and eat dinner,” we chimed in unison. Twenty-seven years and counting, we are still meeting like clockwork every Monday night and we still have more fun than anyone else in the place. We look forward to our ladies’ night out and hate it when someone has to miss.

There is no topic left untouched in our many conversations. I can tell you what type of undergarments are preferred by each of my friends and vice versa. We like to solve all the problems of the world and always have a solution to nearly everything, or so we think. Politics, religion… all the way down to what type of toenail polish we favor. Any subject is up for grabs.

Truth be known, we are very refined, cultured, and ladylike older women until we walk through that magical door of Chubby’s, where we are transformed for the next two hours into six unfiltered, carefree, loud, and exuberant women.

When we walk into our favorite establishment the waitresses fight over who gets to wait on us, because it’s like a party going on the entire evening. They tell us we can be quite entertaining to them and break up their evening. It was the waitstaff who dubbed us “The Monday Night Ladies.”

We tend to get very close to some of the younger waitresses and are interested in how their lives are going. We are genuinely interested in them, one in particular. There were numerous times she would ask our advice on certain things, and we were more than happy to share our opinions with her. She was a senior in high school from a highly dysfunctional family and trying to do her best to graduate while still working full-time. She was living alone in a cramped apartment with some old furniture that people had donated to her. The Monday Night Ladies decided to surprise her and give her a dream-come-true Christmas. Without her knowledge, we secretly adopted her. We bought her some new clothes, got her some gift certificates to her favorite places, bought her a little television and stuffed some cash inside a homemade card with a personal poem. She was so touched by our generosity, she told us it was the best Christmas she ever had in her short seventeen years.

The Monday Night Ladies, we are one fun bunch and we love our time together. Stop in sometime and join us — there’s always room for one more.

~Carol Commons-Brosowske

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