84: Do You Do Windows?

84: Do You Do Windows?

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can't Believe My Dog Did That!

Do You Do Windows?

The meal’s complete when the kitchen’s neat.

~Author Unknown

Kate and Valley, our two Newfoundlands, spent their time observing and outfoxing me. Kate learned to open sliding doors; Valley’s nose tripped screen door latches. Both tried to open the refrigerator, but were thwarted when I stopped hanging my hand towel through the handle. Valley could flip the gravity latch on the fence gate, and when I put an S-hook through the bolthole, it only took a day before both of them could remove it.

Both dogs had a number of toys and were gentle enough with them that even latex squeaky animals lasted for years. The stash of balls and toys were kept in a bucket on our deck, and Valley was very possessive of her soft hedgehog. So much so that when she finished tossing and pouncing on it, she would put it away in the bucket.

The girls were fed in separate two-quart stainless steel bowls that rested side by side in openings in a raised platform feeder. After they ate dinner, I’d come with a bowl of fresh water and nest one food dish in the other to make a place for the water dish. Sometimes I didn’t pick up the food dishes right away, but left them until I was ready to wash them.

One night I went to put the water dish down and the two food bowls were already stacked, one inside the other. Hmmm, I thought. I must have done that and then gotten distracted before I got the water.

A few nights later, the same thing happened. I thought I was having a premature senior moment. Again, a few nights later, the dishes were stacked.

Now I was sure I wasn’t losing my mind and watched from a distance while the Newfs quickly cleaned their food bowls. Then Valley took the rim of one dish in her front teeth, picked it up and placed it inside the other dish.

I wonder how long it would take to teach her to hold a dust cloth in her teeth and swish it over the end tables.

~Ann E. Vitale

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