10th Row Center

10th Row Center

From A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul

10th Row Center

A man came up and introduced himself to me after one of my seminars in Detroit, Michigan. He said, “Mr. Rohn, you got me tonight. I’ve decided to change my whole life.”

I said, “Fantastic!”

He said, “You will hear about it someday.”

I said, “I don’t doubt that.”

Sure enough, a few months later I was back in Detroit for another lecture and the same man walked up and said, “Mr. Rohn, do you remember me?”

I said, “I do. You are the man who said he was going to change his life.” “That’s me,” he said. “I’ve got to tell you a story. After the last seminar, I started thinking about ways to begin changing my life and I decided to start with my family. I have two lovely daughters—the best kids anyone could ask for. They never give me any trouble. However, I’ve always given them a hard time—especially as teenagers. One of the things they dearly love to do is go to rock-and-roll concerts to see their favorite performers. Now, I’ve always given them a hard time on this subject. They would ask to go and I would always say, ‘No, the music is too loud, you’ll ruin your hearing and it’s the wrong kind of crowd to be in.’

“Then, they would beg, ‘Please Daddy, we want to go. We don’t give you any trouble. We’re good girls. Please let us go.’

“Well, after they had begged long enough, I would reluctantly throw them the money and say, ‘Okay, if you have to go that bad.’ So that’s where I decided to make some changes in my life.” Then he said, “Here’s what I did. Not long ago I saw this advertisement that one of their favorite performers was coming to town. Guess what I did? I went down to the concert hall and bought the tickets myself. Later that day, when I saw my girls, I handed them the envelope and said, ‘Daughters of mine, you may not believe this—but inside this envelope are your tickets to the concert that’s coming to town.’ They could not believe it. Then I told them one more thing. I said, ‘Your begging days are over.’ Now my girls really couldn’t believe it. Finally, I made them promise not to open the envelope until they got to the concert, and they agreed. Now comes concert time. When the girls arrived, they opened the envelope and handed the tickets to the usher who said, ‘Follow me.’ As he guided them toward the front, the girls said, ‘ Wait a minute. Something must be wrong.’ The usher then looked at the tickets, and said, ‘There’s nothing wrong. Follow me.’ Finally they get down to 10th row center. The girls were astonished. I stayed up a little late that night, and sure enough around midnight my daughters came bursting through the front door. One of them landed in my lap. The other one had her arms around my neck. And they both said, ‘Dad, you’ve got to be one of the world’s all-time great fathers!’”

What a great example of how it is possible, with just a change in attitude and a little thought, to live the good life.

Jim Rohn

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