A Blanket for a Friend

A Blanket for a Friend

From A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul

A Blanket for a Friend

When Meghan died in a car crash at the age of sixteen, Colleen Keefe wrote the following remembrance, which she and Shauna Dickey dedicated to their friend:

Shauna and I had a chance to say our good-bye to you last week. But the reality is, we still have a long way to go together. Standing before you and being able to speak to you and about you in front of all of your family and friends helped me to cope, though only momentarily, with the sudden loss of you as our friend.

When I heard the news of you leaving us so soon, all I could do was hug my blanket to me and close my eyes, hoping that when I opened them, the nightmare would be gone. But it is still here in front of me, engulfing me in a black cloud. On my way down to comfort your mom and dad, I realized I needed to give you a part of me that symbolized our friendship in such a way that when you were walking around the clouds above, everyone would ask what it meant. I could not cut out my heart, even though it is broken at this time. So I give to you, my friend, a piece of my blanket in the shape of a heart. Attached to it is a picture of the three of us—you, me and Shauna. She is having a problem accepting the how and why of this tragedy, as are so many others.

Now, I have to explain that this blanket was given to me by my grandfather, who is in heaven with you. He will recognize the blanket. He might not recognize my picture, as he has been gone for over fourteen years. You see, we share the same birthday, and he gave this to me to keep me warm. So I give this to you to keep you warm. And when my Papa Joe stops you and he bellows in that big deep voice of his, don’t be afraid—he’s really a teddy bear. Give him a big hug and a kiss for me, and tell him I said to take care of you. He will anyway. He’s just like my dad.

Now that we know you are being taken care of, we can move on with our lives. Your memory is secure in our thoughts, and as Shauna and I realize you are looking down on us, we are sure we will cause you a lot of laughs in our usual goofy, klutzy way. So keep smiling, for this is how we remember you.

We found out that one of the recipients of your organ donation is doing well. Even in your death you have helped others. We will be seeing your family soon, and staying in touch with everyone.

Good-bye, my friend, we miss you already. You will never be far from our thoughts. Give us a nudge when we are heading in the wrong direction and, of course, keep “dancing.” Shauna wants you to say hi to Elvis for her. He’s probably in the food court.

Every time I wrap my blanket around me I will feel your presence. Stay warm.

Colleen Keefe and Shauna Dickey Submitted by Brian Keefe

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