Home vs. Visitors

Home vs. Visitors

From A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Home vs. Visitors

My grandmother was a gentle soul. She came from a time when life was simple and uncomplicated. She would shy away from anything that was new. Every Sunday morning, she would take me to church, where she felt at home with the familiar surroundings. Because her vision was poor, we always sat near the front facing a tack board that would indicate how many home parishioners and visitors had attended the Sunday service.

As I grew older, I realized how sheltered her life had been and encouraged her to try new things. One evening as I was getting ready to attend a local basketball game, I asked her to join me. To my surprise she agreed to come along. I knew she had never been to such an event before and I tried to explain the game to her. She listened intently and pretended to understand.

Actually she seemed to enjoy it, and got caught up in the excitement of all the cheering. After the game was over, we met my mother for coffee and my grandmother began telling her about the high points of the evening. Turning to my mother she said, “You should have seen all the people there. Why, there were more present than at our church service on Sunday.”

“How could you tell?” Mom asked.

Innocently, my grandmother replied, “Well, there was an attendance board at the end of the gym, just like the one at church, and it said, ‘Home 134 and Visitors 120.’ Why, we only had 122 home members attend last Sunday, and heaven knows we’ve never had that many visitors!”

S. Turkaly

“There must be another way to record attendance for our services.”

©Reprinted with permission of Jonny Hawkins.

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