Grandpa’s Little Girl

Grandpa’s Little Girl

From A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Grandpa’s Little Girl

Tell me a story
I would sweetly say,
as Grandpa sat in his favorite chair.

He scooped me up with his carpenter hands
placing me on his lap,
and though I’d heard it many times before,
he told it again.

Walk with me Grandpa
I’d excitedly plea,
while slipping my hand into his.

He wrapped his big callused hand around mine,
and though we’d walked the path before,
out through the garden we went.

Watch me Grandpa
I’d joyfully say,
as I danced in circles around him.

He stopped his work,
and though he’d seen my dance before,
he clapped and whistled along with me.

Advise me Grandpa
I seriously asked,
as I sat at his feet.

He looked at me carefully,
and though he’d given advice before,
he shared his wisdom with me.

Say it one more time Grandpa,
I said with hope,
as I gazed into his dimming eyes.

He mustered all the strength he had left,
and though I’d heard it many times before,
he replied, “I love you, honey.”

Remember me Grandpa,
I said in tears,
as I stood by his bed.

His weathered hand stretched to take mine,
and though we’d never been here before,
we knew it was good-bye.

Darlene Harrison

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