Leading with My Chin

Leading with My Chin

From A 6th Bowl of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Leading with My Chin

When I was a teenager, I scraped up money to buy an old truck. Every day after school, I worked on it—sanding, painting, buffing. As a present, my parents got me brand-new upholstery for the seats.

Then once I slammed a door a little too hard, and a window shattered. I didn’t have any money to replace it. I drove it anyway, including to school.

My high school was a big flat building, and you could see the car park from many of the classrooms. One day it began to rain. I sat in class and watched my truck— and new upholstery—get drenched through the broken window.

Suddenly I saw my mom and dad tear into the car park. They screeched up next to my truck and dragged a huge piece of plastic out of their car. Then, in the pouring rain, they covered up the truck.

Dad had left his office in the middle of the day, picked up Mom and bought this hunk of plastic to save my seats. I watched them do this. And I just began crying right there in class.

My parents were with me through every high and low in my life, always supportive and proud of my accomplishments. I never think of them as gone. I’ve got all their stories, and that keeps them nearby always.

Jay Leno

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