A Mother’s Gifts

A Mother’s Gifts

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms

A Mother’s Gifts

What can I give to you, Daughter dear,

My baby, so fragile and small?

Only your love and your care, Mother,

For a mother’s love conquers all.

What can I do for you now, Daughter,

Now you’re a young girl in school?

Make sure I learn all my lessons, Mother,

For I’d rather be nobody’s fool!

What can I give as a gift, Daughter,

Now you’re to be a man’s wife?

Give me support and advice, Mother,

But allow me to live my own life.

How can I help you the most, Daughter,

Now you’re a mother-to-be?

With my children share laughter and wisdom, Mother.

Tell them what it means to be free.

What can I give you of mine, Daughter,

Now I’m old, to show you I cared?

Only a kiss, with your blessing, Mother,

And the memories of good times we shared.

I wish I had given you more, Daughter,

But our time here on earth is too short.

You taught me all life is a gift, Mother,

And the things we prize most are not bought.

Valerie J. Palmer

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