Super Mom

Super Mom

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms

Super Mom

My mom has superpowers . . .

My mom has the power to talk to the animals. She’d tell me:

“My little birdie told me that you were speeding.”

“My birdie said you were acting up in school.”

That dumb bird always got me in trouble!

My mom has the power of invisibility. She would say:

“Behave yourself, always act like you would if I were in the room.”

“You never know when I might be watching.”

My mom has the power of supersonic hearing. She would tell me:

“ I heard that!”

“Don’t you dare talk to your sister like that.”

How did she hear that? She wasn’t even in the room—and I didn’t see that dumb bird of hers anywhere in sight.

My mom has the power of eyes in the back of her head.

Her famous lines:

“Don’t even think about it.”

“I see you.”

Only eyes in the back of her head could explain how she knew that it was me who broke her lamp.

My mom has the power to read minds. She would say:

“It looks like you had a bad day, want to talk about it?”

“I think you need some ice cream, let’s just you and me go get some.”

My mom has the power of having extra arms. She can help glue my science fair project, make my sister cookies for her class, and iron my dad’s shirt. She has sewn a formal, cheered at a baseball game, and had dinner on by 6 o’clock. And she can do this all at the same time.

My mom has the power to heal:

She’s mended many a broken heart with chocolate, She put “pink stuff” on my chicken pox, on my poison ivy, and on my poison oak.

She held me when I cried all day because my cat died.

She gave me Band-Aids so I could heal my baby dolls.

I know that her kisses can make all things well.

My mom has the power to transform into a youth again:

She can hula-hoop better than anyone I know, She can hokey pokey on roller skates, And she still beats us all as we race across the pool.

My mom has the power of forgiveness:

She forgave me when I let the turtle climb her fancy new curtains.

She forgave me when I used her new perfume on all my baby dolls and stuffed animals.

She forgave me when I broke her blown glass figurine playing pillow football in the house.

My mom has superpowers.
She is an extraordinary woman with extraordinary love. She has shared that love with me so that I, too, can be extraordinary.

The good news is now I’m a mom.
And wouldn’t you know it . . . I can feel them sprouting, even as we speak . . . eyes on the back of my head. Now, I just need to find me one of those birds!

Lynn Meade

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