The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms

The Heartbeat

         Lying in wait,

         Anxious eyes on the screen.

         Colors of gray and white,

         But what do they mean?

         The nurse finds a spot,

         She says, “Look here.”

         I strain as she continues,

         “That is a baby, my dear.”

         My eyes well with tears,

         My breath hangs in my chest.

         Such a beautiful image,

         By far the best.

         Just a spot on the screen,

         Not a distinguishable part.

         Till she shows me some more,

         The beat of a heart.

         So small and yet fast,

         The beat is so strong.

         Proving there is life,

         Proving nothing is wrong.

         My own heart is beating,

         I fear it may break.

         The amount of love that I’m


         It surely can’t take.

         I stare at your picture,

         My eyes finally dry,

         Then I smile and I whisper,

         “See you in July.”

Susan J. Krom

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