Messy Kisses

Messy Kisses

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms

Messy Kisses

When my grandson Beau was small, he would visit me on the weekend and delight me with his unusual antics. Being my first-born grandson, he could do nothing wrong, but at the same time, he was into everything. He especially loved to cook and would mix together peanut butter, chocolate, powdered sugar, and honey and would down the homemade concoction with orange and apple spice tea.

The first time Beau decided to eat his invention, I begged him to put it on bread. His response was that it tasted better without the bread because he could swish the “yuck” through his teeth, which he did with great gusto and lots of mess. Who was I to argue with the love of my life?

Seated at the table, drinking coffee and working a crossword puzzle, I heard someone behind me. Suddenly, Beau put his hands on my shoulders and planted a kiss on my cheek. The kiss, which included the peanut butter and other ingredients, slid down toward my chin, oozing and dripping with saliva. I was a mess!

Getting up from the chair, I walked over to get a paper towel to expunge the smell and clean my face. “GE, (hard g, long e, for “granny,” because he couldn’t pronounce the word) you just wiped off my kiss! Don’t you like my kisses?”

Think fast, Joyce, I said to myself. “No, darlin’, I love your kisses. I’m just giving myself a facial. Why, peanut butter and honey makes my skin feel like satin,” I said as I wiped the paper towel all over my face.

Taking me by hand, Beau led me back to the table. “Let me see, GE.” He lifted his sticky hands to my face and said, “You missed a spot. Here, let me rub it in.” Before I knew what was happening, I was plastered with his peanut butter delight.

When he was young, Beau’s facial became a part of our routine. It got to be that I loved the sticky mess, knowing his kisses could be so sweet. Many years later, when I think of him, I take out a jar of peanut butter, combine his tasty ingredients and slather it on my face. It may not be the best facial treatment on earth, but it sure brings back wonderful memories and his tender kisses.

Joyce Rapier

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