I Wonder

I Wonder

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Book of Christmas Virtues

I Wonder

I wonder if that precious babe

were born somewhere today,

Would he recline on Bubble-Pak®

instead of straw or hay?

Would the message of the angel

be broadcast on TV—

Just one more televangelist

ignored by you and me?

Would the anthems of that heavenly choir

hit Nashville from the start?

With concerts, tapes and CDs,

no doubt they’d climb the charts.

Would we confuse that glowing star

with satellites in space,

Or think it just a UFO

from a distant, cosmic place?

The “Jesus news” would travel fast

in this Information Age—

By phone, by fax, by e-mail,

perhaps his own Web page.

Would we gladly leave our tasks behind

and travel far and wide,

Not hesitating in our quest

to worship at his side?

The answer lies within each soul.

Each year we get to choose

How we will celebrate his birth

and greet the wondrous news.

He comes! He comes! (though not a babe)

so softly none can hear,

And creeps into your life and mine

this joyous time of year.

And listen. Oh, just listen,

his sounds are all around—

The choir’s song, the call of friends,

snow crunching on the ground.

The laughter of the children,

the ringing of each bell,

The stories and the carols

we’ve learned to love so well.

So pause amid the craziness,

embrace each mem’ry dear.

Let tastes and smells and sights and sounds

delight nose, eyes and ears.

And welcome him this holiday

with laughter and with joy,

His gift of hope, his gift of life,

That blessed, holy boy.

Mary Kerr Danielson

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