For Me to Be More Creative, I Am Waiting for...

For Me to Be More Creative, I Am Waiting for...

From Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition

For Me to Be More Creative, I Am Waiting for...

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

~Frank Tibolt

1. Inspiration

2. Permission

3. Reassurance

4. The coffee to be ready

5. My turn

6. Someone to smooth the way

7. The rest of the rules

8. Someone to change

9. Wider fairways

10. Revenge

11. The stakes to be lower

12. More time

13. A significant relationship to:

(a) improve

(b) terminate

(c) happen

14. The right person

15. A disaster

16. Time to almost run out

17. An obvious scapegoat

18. The kids to leave home

19. A Dow-Jones of 1500

20. The lion to lie down with the lamb

21. Mutual consent

22. A better time

23. A more favorable horoscope

24. My youth to return

25. The two-minute warning

26. The legal profession to reform

27. Richard Nixon to be re-elected

28. Age to grant me the right of eccentricity

29. Tomorrow

30. Jacks or better

31. My annual checkup

32. A better circle of friends

33. The stakes to be higher

34. The semester to start

35. My way to be clear

36. The cat to stop clawing the sofa

37. An absence of risk

38. The barking dog next door to leave town

39. My uncle to come home from the service

40. Someone to discover me.

41. More adequate safeguards

42. A lower capital gains rate

43. The statue of limitations to run out

44. My parents to die (Joke!)

45. A cure for herpes/AIDS

46. The things that I do not understand or approve of to go away

47. Wars to end

48. My love to rekindle

49. Someone to be watching

50. A clearly written set of instructions

51. Better birth control

52. The ERA to pass

53. An end to poverty, injustice, cruelty, deceit, incompetence, pestilence, crime and offensive suggestions

54. A competing patent to expire

55. Chicken Little to return

56. My subordinates to mature

57. My ego to improve

58. The pot to boil

59. The new credit card

60. The piano tuner

61. This meeting to be over

62. My receivables to clear

63. The unemployment checks to run out

64. Spring

65. My suit to come back from the cleaners

66. My self-esteem to be restored

67. A signal from Heaven

68. The alimony payments to stop

69. The gems of brilliance buried within my first bumbling efforts to be recognized, applauded and substantially rewarded so that I can work on the second draft in comfort

70. A reinterpretation of Robert’s Rules of Order

71. Various aches and pains to subside

72. Shorter lines at the bank

73. The wind to be freshen

74. My children to be thoughtful, neat, obedient and self-supporting

75. Next season

76. Someone else to screw up

77. My current life to be declared a dress rehearsal with some script changes permitted before opening night

78. Logic to prevail

79. The next time around

80. You to stand out of my light

81. My ship to come in

82. A better deodorant

83. My dissertation to be finished

84. A sharp pencil

85. The check to clear

86. My wife, film or boomerang to come back

87. My doctor’s approval, my father’s permission, my minister’s blessing or my lawyer’s okay

88. Morning

89. California to fall into the ocean

90. A less turbulent time

91. The Iceman to Cometh

92. An opportunity to call collect

93. A better write-off

94. My smoking urges to subside

95. The rates to go down

96. The rates to go up

97. The rates to stabilize

98. My grandfather’s estate to be settled

99. Weekend rates

100. A cue card

101. You to go first

~David B. Campbell

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