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January 1

I know it’s the last minute,” Carl said timidly, “but I need a date for my company bowling party tonight.”

Two years ago when Carl first joined our church singles group, I wanted to know this man.

Every week my heart fluttered at his warm“hello.” We danced together and laughed like teenagers. We stood close together on my deck,watching the city lights flicker, then, abruptly, he said,“I’ve really got to go now.”

“I must be imagining things that just aren’t there,” I told my best friend.

Carl was a popular guy in our group. In the next year he had his share of dates, but none with me. But then came the telephone call and that “D” word. My emotional alarm clock started to go off, but I decided to give Carl one more chance.

Eleven months later, we were married. During our wedding vows, Carl said,“Thank you for waiting for me.” When it was my turn, I shared something I’d tucked away in my heart. It was from one of those dating seminars:“Love is a friendship that has caught fire.”

Jan Coleman

Be patient. Timing is everything in life.

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