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January 2

Finding a new job when I moved to another state proved to be more daunting than I’d anticipated. The nurse recruiter suggested I try the new continuing-care facility. Calling a nursing home by another name didn’t erase my dismal image about such places, but I felt I owed the recruiter the courtesy of at least touring the place.

On the third floor, wheelchairs lined the hallways as the residents waited to go to the dining room for their noon meal. Dejected faces stared into space. My tour guide cheerfully greeted each resident. As we passed by one old woman, she reached out and grabbed my skirt, holding me in a grip that was amazingly strong.

Suddenly, the cluster of residents became just this one. “What is your name?” I asked.

“Rosemary,” was the reply.

As our hands connected, so did my heart. No longer were they pitiful old people, but elderly human beings worthy of my respect and understanding. Tomorrow I will be on duty at my new job. I’ll do my best to give compassionate care to each one—starting with Rosemary.

Barbara A. Brady

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