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January 4

I grew up with my two sisters on our grandparents’ farm in Alabama. Our secret place was near a large pond where we would build our glorious, if temporary, playhouse out of red, long-dead needles of the pines surrounding the pond. Our roofless pine-needle houses usually wound up being about five feet tall; we never felt the need to cover the sky. After we finished building them,we would lie on the ground, facing the sky, and dream. Within these walls, we planned our futures completely, down to the schools we would attend, the homes and families we would have, the places we would go, and the important things we would accomplish.

Through the building of our pine-straw playhouses, we learned that we, like the trees, were sturdier if we grew close to those we loved, and our lives grew taller without the confines of a ceiling. And we learned that everything is more worthwhile and more fun when we share the job, where laughter is shared along with the work. Sharing our dreams helps make them possible.

T. Jensen Lacey

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