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January 6

Anna entered my life behind her son, my new fifth-grader, William. After a brief acquaintance period, I asked if she’d like to help in the classroom.

“I only got to the eighth grade,” she whispered.

“Okay,” I said,“I’ll help you.”

Helping her with paper grading began the first of many lessons with Anna. After a while every kid knew that when Anna came,they’d better mind their p’s and q’s, or suffer the low re-do grade. Then in February of that year, I got a call.

“Mrs. Bucher, I want to help William with his colonial project, but I went to the library with him, and I don’t know how to get things done.” Of course, she mastered the library system quickly.

The last I heard, Anna was finishing her high-school education, with plans of becoming a fifth-grade teacher. Knowing Anna, she’ll do it, and the world will have one more wonderful educator—who grades math with a vengeance.

Isabel Bearman Bucher

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