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January 9

My grandfather had come to America from Greece at the turn of the twentieth century seeking to make a better life. With money in the bank, the time came for Stavros to settle down. He told relatives he was looking for an educated woman from a good Greek family.

Stavroula sat in the chair in the parlor wearing her Sunday finest.“Here,” her father said, handing her a newspaper.“ Read this when he comes through the door.”

“But Papa, you know I can’t read!” Stavroula cried.

After the introductions with her parents, Stavros approached the parlor. Completely mesmerized, Stavros knew he would have to look no further. Stavroula would be his bride. She was beautiful and educated.

He bowed to greet her, taking her small, soft hand in his. He never noticed that the newspaper she held was upside-down.

Christine E. Belleris

When you meet the person you will love, you
are not blinded by superficialities.

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