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January 12

One hectic morning, while getting ready for school, both my girls began begging for a new hairstyle. I braided Laura’s wispy locks into a snazzy side-braid. I combed Catherine’s shiny black hair into a sleek, French twist.

Laura bounced out the door, swinging her braid proudly. But at school, one girl walked up to Laura and asked in a scathing tone,“What’s with the stinking braid?” Laura crumbled.

Later, hearing her younger sister’s sorrow, Catherine sat in stony silence. I barely noticed that Catherine spent more time on the phone than usual that evening.

The next afternoon I discovered a small miracle had occurred. There stood Laura, surrounded by the smartest, cutest, most popular fifth-grade girls. And, to my amazement, every single one wore a side-braid, exactly like the one Laura had worn the day before.

“I don’t know what happened!” Laura explained in the van.“I looked up, and all the girls were wearing my braid.”

I glanced at Catherine in the rearview mirror, and I think she winked at me. I’m not sure.

Carolyn Magner Mason

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