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January 13

Why doesn’t someone tell you what motherhood is really like?

W Actually, I had managed rather well with my two girls, but then I thought, Wouldn’t a little boy be fun? So I was delighted to learn a baby was on the way—until the kindly doctor announced I had twin sons.

As the twins got older, I aged incredibly. Some weeks were worse than others. One day Jeremy learned to open the car door while I was driving. A few days later he leaped from the mantel and needed five stitches in his head. Jon cried for days because he didn’t have any stitches and finally consoled himself by drinking iodine. Friends almost stopped coming by, and going out was reduced to a jaunt to the garbage cans or a dash to the mailbox or the clothesline.

Sometimes I wonder how many miles I must have strolled Jon and Jeremy while Julie and Jennifer followed, asking questions. Many times I had no idea how I would do it one more day. Many of my friends and even strangers sometimes quizzed me, “How do you manage?” “I pray a lot,” I told them.“I can’t make it on my own.”

Marion Bond West

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