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January 14

When my sister was four, she climbed to the top of a Dumpster. Her earsplitting screams made me move at a superhuman pace. I grabbed her, hijacked a skateboard from one of the other kids, positioned my sister on it and set out as fast as my little legs could travel for the next three blocks. I was six.

And it went both ways. At my ninth birthday party, I was flying down a hill when my roller skate caught on a pebble and I was launched. Tawna stepped right in and organized my trek to safety.

Of course, there was the hair pulling and name calling, but when I lost my first love she held me tight and told me I would be okay. When friends treated her badly, I let her vent and told her it would all work out. We carry each other’s secrets and hold each other’s deepest hopes.

We had to be sisters. We chose to be friends.

Tasha Boucher

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