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January 15

Because getting married was looking like it wasn’t in the stars for me, and I wanted to love and be loved, I decided I needed a dog.

I named my puppy Miso. Anywhere I went, Miso came along. If an activity precluded taking a dog along, I wasn’t much interested in it.

Looking back, it’s remarkable that I met my husband-to-be at all. At first Bob accepted Miso as part of the “package.” But as Miso needed to be indoors more due to cold and wet weather, trouble brewed. A crisis point was reached one particularly cold January night when Bob insisted that Miso bunk out on the enclosed porch for the night.

“Don’t make me choose between you and Miso,” I surprised myself by saying, “because you may be in for an unpleasant surprise!”

Bob wisely backed off. That was a turning point. Bob realized that I did not solely depend on him for love and affection. And Miso found her new place in my life, no longer my one-and-only, but as a beloved member of a family.

Holly Manon Moore

Someone who loves you will be able
to embrace whoever was important
to you before you met.

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