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January 16

My daughter Amy was pregnant at seventeen. She decided to place the baby for adoption and asked me to help her choose the parents. The prospective mom assured me, “We want you to be a part of her life.” But what role could I possibly have?

The first year I saw Nikki often, fussing over her like any grandparent does. Then the family moved to Florida. As promised, I received pictures and videos of special moments, but how would she ever get to know me from three thousand miles away?

Then the family came to California for a visit. We were to meet at the park. What a delightful, loving child. It was easy to see Nikki was secure, adored by her father and thrilled with two little brothers.

As her other grandmother said good-bye to me, she glanced over at Nikki.“Thank you,” she said.

In a minute I understood. Nikki was a gift to Grace that came directly through me. Sitting back to watch me connect with Nikki was Grace’s way of honoring me. I put my arm around her.

“Thank you for having room in your heart to let me be ‘Gramma Jan.’”

Jan Coleman

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