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January 19

My wife’s sister and her husband became our houseguests during the months between the sale of their first home and completion of the new one under construction. My life became a sitcom with the sheer chaos that goes with having eight people and an insolent house cat living under one roof.

My house is now a combination day-care center/ amusement park. The kitchen has been transformed into a twenty-four-hour diner. Just like in a real sitcom, my wife and I usually end the day giggling about the hijinks that occur during a “normal” day. Like naked babies chasing the cat through the kitchen. Or a naked cat chasing babies through the kitchen. I’ve never had a sister, but I can honestly now say that my wife’s sister is mine.

Chadd A. Wheat

Life can be complicated, but often the
complications make the experience
more enjoyable.

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