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January 22

Ever since my five-year-old daughter had fallen off her bike and broken her arm, she’d been afraid. I knew how much she wanted to learn to ride and how she often felt left out when her friends pedaled by our house.

“You know, Hon,” I said,“most everything you do comes with risks.” I held onto the back of her bike until she found the courage to say, “Let go.”

As we walked home, she asked me about a conversation she’d overheard.

“Why were you and Grandma arguing?”

Since my painful divorce, my mother was one of the many people who tried to fix me up. This time she just knew Steve was the man for me.

“Grandma said she just wanted you to find someone to love,” she shrugged.

“What Grandma wants is for some guy to break my heart again,” I snapped.

“So I guess love isn’t like a broken arm,” she said.

After I scolded my mother for discussing this with my daughter, I did what I’d seen her do that afternoon: I let go.

Steve was the man for me. We married a year later. It turned out Mother—and my daughter—were right.

Christie Craig

Letting go of what hurt us in the past will open
us up to new adventures in the future.

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