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January 23

When my twin granddaughters moved into our house at eight months, my close friend offered me her secret to entertaining grandchildren with few mishaps.

“Teach them the ‘one-finger rule.’” The success of the method surprised me.

When my son visited with his fifteen-month-old daughter, I picked her up and said, “Hannah, you may touch anything in this room you want, but you can only use one finger.”

I demonstrated the technique, and Hannah followed my example. If she started to grab, I gently reminded her to use one finger.

Months later, my husband and I visited their home, and I watched Mark and Kim continue to practice the one-finger rule.

The night before we returned home, Mark sat on the floor stuffing gift packets for his potential clients. Hannah helped.

Then she picked up one gift, stretched her prize to me and said,“One finger, Nana!”

Linda Osmundson

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